Warehouse is operating Mon – Fri 6:00 – 17:45.

From our own warehouse in Ostrava we deliver :

beams U, UE, UPE, I, IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM, T profiles, low TB profiles, equal angles, unequal angles, flat steel, round steel, square steel, wide steel, crane rails A 45, A 55, A 65, A 75, A 100, A 120, A 150, including accessories , crane rails JK 55, JK 85, JKL 100, JKL 120, KB 100, SP 100, SP 120, MRS 73, CR 73 and other light rails S 10, S 14, S 20, S 24, S 30, S 39, eventually their equivalent according to ČSN 425676 wide-base rails S 49, UIC 54, UIC 60, P 65, including accessories, sheet piles and Larsen sheet piles, UNION casing, smooth thin and thick sheets heat rolled from 4 to 200mm thickness, at quality of steel S235JR+N, S355J2+N, P265GH, 16Mo3, DUROSTAT, HARDOX checkered SLZA (tear) and RÝHA (groove) heat rolled sheets from 3 to 15mm thickness, formats up to 2000x6000mm seamless pipes and welded up to diameter 2020mm, boiler bottoms, bend Jakl open and closed, closed steel profiles of type RHS, all according to EN 10216, EN 10210, EN 10219

We also store materials in quality of steel S355J2.

Metallurgical materials we always deliver with applicable certificates

After agreement and according to requirements of customer we arrange deliveries and services :

materials at fixed lengths from division centers or from new production, here also non-standard quality of steel, from our own warehouse machine cutting of fixed lengths up to 220mm HE profiles and 300mm IPE and U profiles, burning of fixed lengths of larger profiles by flame, cold bent profiles and pipes also at 3-dimensional option, shapes from thin and thick sheets (up to a thickness of 300mm) burned by flame, plasma or laser, parts or wholes of steel constructions, including surface treatment, stilts of acoustic walls , including surface treatment, projecting and carrying out of cutting plan of fixed lengths of carriers, additional testing of chemical or mechanical qualities, and also consequent taking delivery by ČD (independent taker off).

Newly we offer deliveries of these materials :

  • Steel pipes with anti-corosive insulation up to a diameter of 1016mm
  • three-layer epoxy-co-polymer-polyethylane insulation according to norm DIN 30670 ( 3LPE )
  • three-layer epoxy-co-polymer-polypropylane insulation according to norm DIN 30678 ( 3LPP )
  • one-layer epoxide insulation according to norm DIN 30671 ( EP )
  • PE pipes - using technology Battenfeld
  • Pressure PE pipes used in gas, water, sewage networks and for placing of telecommunication cables


Warehouse contact

Metallurgical material warehouse
crossroads Frýdecká – Štěpaňákova
702 00 Ostrava – Kunčice

Monday - Friday: 6:00 – 17:45
GPS - HEMAT stock :
Loc: 49°47'15.38"N,18°17'18.24"E