We offer

Metallurgical materials

Deliveries of metallurgical products such as beams HEA, HEB, HEM, IPE, IPN, UPN, UPE, UE, equal angles, unequal angles, T and TB profiles, bars - flat, round, square, crane rails, railway rails and also light, including accessories, sheet piles, smooth sheets, checkered sheets, Jakl profiles, RHS profiles, pipes, insulated pipes, and other products. More in section „ Warehouse „


  • dividing materials
  • transport
  • additional testing of materials, e.g at low temperatures - 40°C
  • independent taking delivery
  • blasting and spraying of materials
  • bending of profiles, pipes and sheets

Division of materials

Natural thing, plentifully used by our current customers is a crosswise division of profiles – by flame or by machine saw, including computer processing of optimalization of cutting plan from lengths of material available in a warehouse. Division by saw can be done also at angles of 45° or 60°, depending on a type of material.


We arrange transport of metallurgical materials (up to length of 15m) by our own trucks, eventually, if agreed with our clients, by contracted transport companies. We arrange wagon deliveries from our siding rail in our warehouse.

Additional testing of materials

Additional testing of chemical and mechanical qualities of materials, carried out by accredited laboratories. Testing by ultrasound according to EN 10160.

Taking deliveries of semi-finished products

We arrange according to requirements of customers taking delivery by independent company.

Blasting and spraying of materials

We arrange according to requests of customers blasting of materials and if requested also their consequent spraying.

Bending of profiles, pipes and sheets

Cold bent at required radius and length. We arrange bending in one-plane dimension and also 3-plane dimension with a possibility of division to exact lengths ( by burning out technological additions of bending).

Engineering activity

  • delivery of steel constructions, incl. assembling
  • delivery of welded strucure, parts of technological eqippment
  • delivery of stilts of acoustic walls
  • delivery of shapes
  • arranging of carrying out surface treatments ( blasting , metalization, heat zincing, coating )

These parts are made by our company from semi-finished metallurgical products and accompanied by applicable documentation (certificatesy, technical documentation, measurement protocols, declaration of conformity,…). Our company has been approved as a supplier of metallurgical semi-finished products for ČESKÉ DRÁHY, a.s. and one of our partner production companies has become with our participation approved branch through the company Mott MacDonald, as a delegated supervisor by a company Ředitelství silnic a dálnic of ČR.

Production and delivery of PHS (acoustic walls)

We possess many years of experience with delivery of stilts of acoustic walls (PHS) for railway corridors, highways or bypasses of residences. These items we deliver including surface treatment according to a request of investor with corresponding supportive documentation.

Some of our realized activities :
  • production and assembly of steel constructions PHS on bridges of highway D1 - cca 55 tons
  • delivery of stilts of acoustic walls for firms Skanska CZ, LESING plus, Skanska DSUH, Skanska DS, Land Co Zlín,Strabag, DSH-Dopravní stavby, ROMAn….at the whole volume of approx. 1 270 tons
  • production and assembly of steel construction of a hall in Považany (SK) cca 50 tons
  • delivery of shapes for mining equipment for a firm Becker – Warkop 285 tons
  • delivery of shapes and flanges for our business partners - 395 tons

Engineering activity and bending manages

Ing. Jiří Horníček
manager of production and representative of management of quality
Tel: +420 596 693 291
Mob: +420 724 138 621